Recipe: Stuffed Vegan Seitan Red Peppers


I decided to be a little adventurous the other night and thought up a recipe. It’s probably very similar to many others out there as far as stuffed peppers go but I had a certain flavor in mind and had no idea how to “Google” that.

So what we have here are stuffed red peppers using all vegan ingredients. I’m not vegan but do try to avoid dairy as much as I can and the more I can learn the better I’ll be. It also uses vegan chroizo made of seitan which has a surprising amount of protein. Mix that with the black beans and you have a high protein meal with some serious flavor.


  1. Red peppers (one is more than enough for one person)
  2. Seitan chorizo. I use the kind made by “Upton’s Naturals.”
  3. Black beans
  4. Your favorite salsa
  5. Red onion
  6. Avocado
  7. Spinach
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Cilantro
  10. Chili powder
  11. Extra virgin olive oil
  12. Salt
  13. Lime
  14. Your favorite vegan cheese. I used cashew based “cheese dip.”


  1. Cut the top off the red peppers and gut as much as possible. Coat the inside with salsa, add a small amount of chili pepper, and a dash of salt.
  2. Place on aluminum foil with extra virgin olive oil. I sort of bent the sides up on the foil to give them a little cocoon but didn’t wrap them up.
  3. Bake the peppers for 40 minutes or until tender.
  4. Cut your onions, mushrooms, and spinach up. In a pan, add olive oil and start cooking the onions until golden brown. Add a little chili powder as they cook. Add the mushrooms next and cook until tender. Lastly throw the spinach in and throw a little more salsa in there to keep things lubed up and flavored. Let the spinach sort of steam/cook until it’s done.
  5. Lastly throw your Seitan chorizo in the mix and let it cook until warm. It’s already cooked and safe but you want it warm. Once done remove it all from the stove top.
  6. Take your avocados and make guacamole or just slice them. I made guacamole and all I do is add lime, cilantro, and any leftover red onion finely chopped. Then just smash it all up until it’s creamy.
  7. In a pan throw the black beans in it and warm them up. I use canned beans so they just need to be warmed up. I added a small amount more of chili powder. Once warm remove from heat.
  8. It should now be time to take the peppers out. Remove them and if there’s any salsa sitting in them dump that out the flavor will have soaked in some and we’re about to fill these things up anyway.
  9. First add black beans. Maybe a quarter of the way.
  10. Second fill your pepper with as much of your “filling” as possible or you want. Pack it in. It’s pretty harmless food!
  11. Top with the vegan cheese, avocado, add lime and/or cilantro if desired.
  12. Tear into the thing and enjoy it. It looks pretty until you decide to cut it and eat it then it just explodes.
It’s not the prettiest but it sure taste good!

Thoughts? Comments? What changes should I make to it? I’m not a chef, I’m just some dude that cooks dinner.

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