Counting Calories


For my weight loss readers, I’m sure you’re all about counting calories. Some weight loss programs encourage it, use points, and turn it into a game. Calories are important and it’s vital we know not all calories are the same.

In simple terms, calories are defined as “A unit equivalent to the large calorie expressing heat-producing or energy-producing value in food when oxidized in the body.” – Merriam-Webster

Yeah that doesn’t really sound simple to me either. What we all do know though is caloric intake needs to fit within our body size and/or goals.

My friend recently said “calories are calories” and I about punched him in the mouth for saying that. I think he was joking but no, calories are not calories. Too many people only look at calories and not what the calories are from, it’s easy to do and easy to be misled by just focusing on calories.

While to an extent calories may be calories, some health experts argue that to lose weight you can just count calories. I’m not a fan of that though and I’m not sure I even believe that. The calories from an apple and peanut butter are not the same from french fries, even if they’re even in terms of calorie count. I may be wrong here but what’s making those calories differs and how our bodies use them differs.

So my point? Stop only counting calories. I use an app to track my meals including calories but I also look at the other stuff within such as carbs, fats, sugar, etc. It all adds up and it can all add up differently. Even if you do lose weight by consuming little calories, which you would, you would just be losing weight, not becoming healthy. Weight loss is not always indicative of a healthy lifestyle.


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