Motivation to Exercise

We all procrastinate about everything. Getting yourself worked up to exercise or change your diet is tough as well. Here’s five things I found help me get my head right:

1. Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Remember that doing anything is better than nothing. So if you’re sitting around thinking “I only have thirty minutes to workout that won’t do much” you’re wrong. It will do something. In fact, you can turn that thirty minutes into a HIT (high intensity training) workout and do some serious good.

2. Write Down How Good It Feels

Write down or imprint in your head how good you feel when you workout. For me, working out is almost my key to happiness. Anyone around me can see a mood change on a day where I had a good workout versus a day where I sat around and didn’t do anything. This is no myth though, working out releases endorphins, so you’re bound to feel something!

3. Find Stuff You Enjoy

If you’re not enjoying a workout routine it’s very hard to continue. I’ve done it, I found stuff indoors very hard to get into myself. I fell in love with cycling again and crave it, it’s a passion of mine and something I love. So it makes it that much easier to get out and do it. So if you haven’t found your thing yet, keep looking, it’s out there I swear.

4. Stop Waiting for Instant Results

Stuff doesn’t happen overnight! Stuff also doesn’t happen to those who don’t put in the work. Every session you do is building up to seeing results. You won’t see things happen immediately and you probably won’t notice them as quickly as other people who see you from the outside will. Keep going because results will come and when they do you’re going to see the hard work paying off.

5. Find a Friend

Working out can be fun with someone else. For cycling, it’s always fun to have someone chasing you or trying to keep up. Through the two of you or even a group you can provide each other with motivation needed to push harder to reach your goals. Whether you’re just jogging, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, it doesn’t matter, you can always bring a friend or find a partner.




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