Initiating Change


Lets face it, it’s easy to say we’re going to change. We all have done it for one thing or another. When I look back at initiating my lifestyle change it was my head that always caused the delay. It always wanted to say “start tomorrow just do whatever today.” Well tomorrow would come, my head would say another day, and this cycle went on and on.

To really initiate change I had to quit what I was doing wrong almost cold turkey. To change though we have to know what we’re doing wrong and what it is we want to change. For me it was losing weight and being healthier. My mission to accomplish this was to pretty much change everything about my diet and lifestyle. For some of you it may just be tone your stomach, get muscle, lose a few pounds, or something even more extreme than me.

The biggest thing that helped me was thinking a year from now (or then) will I regret not spending a year doing work? All good things require time and effort. If you don’t ever start, you’ll never see results. It’s a long path for sure but it’s one that’s worth taking. It seems so hard to look in a mirror and see over one hundred pounds that has to go. It seems impossible. It’s hard for sure but it’s not impossible. You just have to start!


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