Quick Introduction

Before I dig into writing all about my lifestyle changes and sharing my experiences I feel the need to formally introduce myself. My name is Simon. I’m a thirty year old male living in the U.S. and like many Americans, I quit paying close enough attention to my lifestyle habits and I gained weight. At my peak I weighed 315lbs and am now down to 180lbs.

To begin, I swear I was scared of everything as a kid. The fire alarm, tornadoes, my parents splitting up, one of my parents dying, you name it. School was never easy for me either, especially with continuous worrying. I never wanted to go. I liked learning about things that interested me but my mind was always somewhere else, exploring the world of what if.

It wasn’t a surprise to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression when I was a kid. It ran in my mom’s side of the family. Once in my teenage years, one of my biggest phobias became sickness, especially cancer. It would come and go and as my social life was busy the worrying went down.

To make a long story short, I had tons of little moments where I’d have to visit a doctor because I felt a bump, saw a spot on my skin, or something else random. I became obsessed with worrying about getting cancer. Everyone seemed to be getting it. I became so obsessed some of my social life started to deteriorate.

While all of this was going on I moved out from my parents house (a little late at 21) and my girlfriend and I rented a place. We were on a very tight budget. It’s no secret that the cheapest food is the unhealthiest food. It’s cheap to produce. So for a while that was our diet. This was anything from grilled cheese with cheap white bread and slices of cheese to frozen pizza. Mixed in there may be some dinners that were a little more in depth like ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, and bread. Not healthy but at least there was something green.

We decided to move again in 2011, this time out of the town where I grew up as my girlfriend took a job further away and I already worked in that area too. Also in 2011 cancer hit closer to home, my aunt was already fighting breast cancer but news came now that my mom had acute meyloid leukemia. This stirred up new anxieties though as I’ll share some, I handled it with an odd amount of maturity.

My goal with this site is to share how I did it, what I’m doing, what I’m eating, and hopefully you all will share some things with me too. This isn’t a lose weight quick blog. In fact, it’s not even all about weight loss. It’s about changing your life for the better; getting active, changing your eating habits, and being a healthier you. I’m not done with “me.” I’m still trying to shed pounds and turn fat to muscle. I want it all gone. I’ve come too far to give up now and I invite you to join in!

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. – Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef

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